Barefoot shoes – Be Lenka Winter - Black

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Style meets function in Be Lenka Winter barefoot shoes - crafted with high-quality water - resistant leather, ultra-flexible 4 mm sole and merino wool lining with a protective membrane to ensure dry, warm, and all-day comfort.

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4.82 of 5 stars


Hannah Reynolds Verified customer

I love theses boots and get a lot of positive comments from others on them. Belenka sizes fit as normal (no need to up size), they are warm and comfortable and have seen me through for about two years now, in combination with a pair of ‘elegance’ all year shoes and pair of flip flops. What more does a girl need?! The only slight negative is that a little bit of the stitching in the ankle came undone about a week after I got them (just above the laces), disappointing but has not affected their use at all. Also, the sole at the toe looks to be fractionally debonding now, but I have worn them A LOT as they are great, so it’s just ware and tare I suppose and again not an issue, just a note; I will simply stick it back on if it gets bad.



Taja Verified customer

I usually wear barefoot in number 39 but I read the recommendations here and choose a size bigger in these. And it was the right decison. They are comfortable ane very well made, the look lovely.



Al Verified customer

I’m finally able to review these booties. I bought these in the autumn time and really enjoyed them. We have snow here now and the boots handle so well. And a cute bonus is that the footprint left behind is two leaves. :)
They do well in water although I don’t wear them when it’s pouring. The sole is great actually. Not too think once the fur lining has gotten packed down a bit but still very warm.



Ms S M Verified customer

Beautiful beautiful boots. Well made, excellent quality. It's hard to find this kind of quality and care these days. I love wearing them, they feel as comfy as slippers and also supportive enough for outside. Every time I wear them I feel special. They are very warm. I waxed them with beeswax cream (which slightly changes the look and feel of the outside, I am fine with this because I need the waterproofing) and they are waterproof so far, though I think that on a really wet day a very long walk wet would not be a good idea, and they aren't suitable for the mountains of course. We live in the countryside near the sea, so I am talking about wild wet windy walks. As per the care instructions, I make sure to let them dry well between each time I wear them, if they get wet. For the city, any weather would be fine once they are waterproofed. I think I will need to re-apply the beeswax cream from time to time.
Overall I'm very happy with my boots, I hadn't bought from Belenka before and it's great I discovered this brand. I think that for the quality, the price is fair.



Rachel Rosier Verified customer

I absolutely love my boots. It's like wearing slippers outdoors only they keep your feet dry too.


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Description & Specifications


  • Shoe: Leather 
  • Lining: Merino Wool with Protective Membrane
  • Sole: TPU

Be Lenka winter barefoot are stylish, high-tech shoes which are perfectly suitable for cold weather. They are made with water-resistant leather, which prevents the formation of water splashes on the shoe and merino wool lining which provides excellent insulation. A special barefoot sole with a thickness of 4 mm guarantees you the highest walking comfort.

The wide toe box design like our entire barefoot shoe collection enables natural and unrestricted movement of the toes, thus guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use. Barefoot shoes perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended.

Barefoot shoe attributes

  • Zero heel elevation
  • Zero toe spring
  • Wide foot-shaped toe box
  • Thin & flexible sole

Type: Urban footwear

Note: Shoes are not designed for sports. You can prolong their life by cleaning as required and spraying them regularly with a protective coat.

Size chart

SizeWidth Length

The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

We recommend adding an excess of 0.5 - 1.2 cm to the total length of your foot, which will give you your ideal shoe size.

Due to the presence of merino wool lining in Be Lenka Winter, Winter Long and Polar models, we recommend ordering them in one size bigger than other Be Lenka barefoot shoes.

You can also find more information about choosing the right size in the Help Center here.

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