Barefoot shoes – Be Lenka Winter - Black

Style meets function in Be Lenka Winter barefoot shoes - crafted with high-quality water-resistant leather, ultra-flexible sole and merino wool lining with a protective membrane to ensure dry, warm, and all-day comfort.


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Brand: Be Lenka
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Category: Men
Warranty: 2 years
Colour: Black
Gender: Female, Male
Material: Leather, TP, Merino wool
Type: Unisex, Winter barefoot boots
Barefoot shoes – Be Lenka Winter - Black
149 € –15 % - –15 % –15 % - - –15 % –15 % –15 % –15 % –15 % up to –15 %


  • Shoe: Leather 
  • Lining: Merino Wool with Protective Membrane
  • Sole: TP

Type: Walking shoes

Be Lenka winter barefoot are stylish, high-tech shoes which are perfectly suitable for cold weather. They are made with water-resistant leather, which prevents the formation of water splashes on the shoe and merino wool lining which provides excellent insulation.

The wide toe box design like our entire barefoot shoe collection enables natural and unrestricted movement of the toes, thus guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use. Barefoot shoes perfectly mimic walking barefoot, just as nature intended.

Barefoot shoe attributes

✔️ Zero heel elevation
✔️ Zero toe spring
✔️ Wide foot-shaped toe box
✔️ Thin & flexible sole


New Logo barefoot size chart (2)_1

Measure the width of your foot at the widest part in centimeters.

Note: Shoes are not designed for sports. You can prolong their life by cleaning as required and spraying them regularly with a protective coat.


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ST Avatar of author | 20.2.2020
Very comfortable, warm and cozy! Good quality leather!
PC Avatar of author | 31.1.2020
I love these boots! The measurements guidelines were great and they were a perfect fit. Other people have mentioned that the wool makes them smaller, but the wool really isn't that thick so that hasn't been my experience. I am not a person who likes to wear thick socks though. They are super comfy and warm and look great. If I had more money I'd definitely buy them in another colour. I was also super impressed with the delivery time - I received them within 36 hours on overseas delivery.
VS Avatar of author | 27.1.2020
Love these boots! So warm, comfy, cosy... i will be ordering more colours next season. Also, 5he customer service at BeLenka is fantastic, million thanks to the team fir their help. Cheers, V.
ES Avatar of author | 23.1.2020
These are fantastic! The coziest and warmest winter shoe I've ever had. The first time I put them on it was raining and after stepping in the last puddle before coming home I felt a few drops soaking my sock. But after that I used some beeswax based cream and never had an issue. Tested them in heavy rain and snow. Totally recommended
M Avatar of author | 11.1.2020
I am very, very satisfied, especially because the boots have a lot of space for the toes, and they are well adaptable at the ankle, in my case that means that I they are not too large at the ankle. I very much hope that BeLenka will continue making these boots, next winter I hope I can buy the boots in the cognac or chocolate colour. And I am looking forward for your summer shoes.
N Avatar of author | 10.1.2020
The boots are great. I ordered the number I usually wear, taking in account a size chart also, but they were too small and I had to reorder to get a size up. I am really satisfied and I love to wear them.
M Avatar of author | 2.1.2020
Really satisfied with these boots. I had to reorder to get a size up from my normal size (mostly to accommodate the wool lining) but I love wearing these! The wool lining is really snuggly and the insole protects from feeling the cold ground while walking. The leather is soft and comfortable. My only wish is that the boots had a pull tab or loop at the top back of the ankle - otherwise they can be a little difficult to get on. Super happy to have these to wear this winter.
S Avatar of author | 22.12.2019
Fantastic boots! Suprisingly warm despite the thin sole. I’ve worn these in +2C– -2C temperatures and they kept my feet warm. Looking forward to colder temperatures. I ordered a size up, which was perfect to wear with a thick sock. For a narrow foot the usual size may fit better, as these are quite wide.
MS Avatar of author | 22.12.2019
Great product! Excellent quality, cozy and pretty! I would have loved to order a half a size smaller (but there are no half sizes). Other than that I would definitely recommend the shoes.
A Avatar of author | 5.12.2019
Love them! These boots arrived the next day to the UK. They are well made and very comfortable and cosy with the wool lining. I normally take a size 6 and the 40 was a good fit with enough toe room. I look forward to trying more of your footwear.
Z Avatar of author | 17.11.2019
Beautiful boots, very comfortable from the start. Leather is super soft and lining is really warm. I ordered the same size as I normally wear and the boots are ok, a little on the snug side but not exactly tight. I have quite a high instep and really have to loosen the laces to get my feet in but once they're in, the boots are really comfy. They look super cute with dresses!
RW Avatar of author | 14.11.2019
I love my new winter boots they keep my feet warm and dry. The leather is lovely and soft although the sole is a litter stiffer than usual. I ordered a size bigger than I normally would and I would recommend others do the same. The boots are also suited to a shallower foot there isn't a huge amount of depth of you have a high instep you may struggle with these x
CP Avatar of author | 14.11.2019
Wonderful boots. Superbly Comfortable from the start and so warm and cosy. More shiny leather colours please!
C Avatar of author | 10.11.2019
Good materials and workmanship, but my toes feel very cramped in these boots. The toe box needs to be wider and taller in order for me to recommend these boots as true "barefoot" style shoes.