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Which baby-carrier should I choose for my baby?

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We have three types of baby-carriers (choose according to the age and clothing size of your baby)

  • Be Lenka Mini - an ergonomic, innovative baby carrier suitable for newborns weighing from 3 kg up to about 1,5-year-old baby (Up to European size 92)
    The carrier is fully adjustable i.e. it can be adjusted according to baby's growing body size. Can be worn without crossing on the back
    Width: 13-35cm
    Length: 44 cm
  • Be Lenka 4ever/ 4ever Neo – an ergonomic baby carrier suitable for babies from 2-3 months (clothing size 62/68) up to the age of three (clothing size 104). This type of carrier is adjustable and suitable for the whole babywearing period.
    Width: 20-41cm
    Length: 37-50 cm
    You can choose from two types of shoulder straps: Standard shoulder straps without crisscross option - Banana shoulder straps or Wide shoulder straps with crisscross option. You can read more about these two types of shoulder straps in question number 2 below.

  • Be Lenka Toddler – a non-adjustable baby-carrier for kids from 18 months up to 3.5 years. This baby-carrier cannot be adjusted (the width and the length of the carrier). These dimensions are fixed.
    Width: 45 cm
    Length: 50 cm
    This kind of carrier comes with Standard shoulder straps without crisscross option.

What is the difference between standard shoulder straps and wide shoulder straps?

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  • Standard shoulder straps without crisscross option - also known as Banana shoulder straps
    Standard shoulder straps are an integral part of the carrier, therefore cannot be detached or crisscrossed. The shoulder straps are padded with a soft sponge. They are comfortable and suitable for carrying both small babies and bigger children. This particular shape of the shoulder straps enables them to hug the back of the wearer perfectly, thus are fitting and highly comfortable.

Lenka 4ever baby-carriers with ergonomic uncrossable shoulder straps can be used in both Front-Inward and Back Carry positions.

  •  Wide shoulder straps with crisscross option
    This type of shoulder straps is primarily designed to be worn crisscrossed. They have, besides the padded part, the unpadded part made from wrap cloth, thus the wider shape. However, you can wear them in a backpack style, too. It is up to your preferences. The advantage of wider straps is their ability to attach the carrier to the body of the wearer; therefore, they support the back of the wearer during babywearing. They fit everyone. This type of straps is preferred by mamas who use to wear their babies in baby-wraps. They are used to have their backs "covered" and supported :). Moreover, another perk of these wider shoulder straps is their ability to distribute the weight of the child evenly. No more sore back!

Baby-carriers with this type of shoulder straps can be used in both Front-Inward (both backpack stye and crisscrossed style) and Back Carry positions (backpack style).

Both styles of shoulder straps include drool-pads and shoulder strap protectors. These protectors come in handy because babies like to taste and munch on everything, you can remove and wash them anytime.

Is it possible to use your baby-carriers in a Back Carry position, a Front Carry Facing-Out position and a Hip Carry position?

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All Lenka baby-carriers are suitable for both Back Carry and Front-Inward (Facing-Parent) positions. Neither a Front Carry Facing-Out position nor Hip Carry position is following the principles of ergonomic babywearing; thus, we do not recommend them.

How to adjust Be Lenka baby-carrier?

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All manuals and how-to videos can be found on our Be Lenka youtube channel.

Our baby-carriers are fully customizable to fit the baby’s size. The width of the carrier can be adjusted by pulling straps located on the front of the backrest just above the hip belt. Pull these straps and tie the knot. 

Elastic band situated just under the hood can be tightened and also be hooked on to the shoulder straps which can support the baby's head.

The height of the backrest is also adjustable and can be retracted/lowered by retractors at the top of the backrest. 

The hip belt is soft, comfortable and fits everyone. There is a little yet practical pocket in the middle of the hip belt.

The carrier comes with a hood, which you can be used to protect the baby from the sun, wind or noise; it is especially useful when the baby falls asleep in the carrier. You can hook the hood to the hooks placed on the shoulder straps.

All baby carriers include drool-pads and shoulder strap protectors. They can be detached easily so you can wash them.

How to take care of your baby carriers and baby wraps? Should I wash it first?

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Material composition is the most important thing to consider. In general, carriers and wraps do not need to be washed often. However, to be clean and safe for your baby, they need to be washed and ironed once in a while. You can wash your carrier in a washing machine on temperature 30-40C, speed 1000 (max). Do not dry it in a drier; let it dry freely and iron gently.

It is not necessary to wash a baby-wrap or a baby-carrier immediately after purchase; they are sold already pre-washed thus ready to use.

More tips and info on how to take care of your baby-wrap or a baby-carrier you can find on our blog.

What is the weight limit for your baby-carriers?

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Our baby-carriers are tested to carry up to 20 kg and have the international safety certification (ASTM)

What do you mean by "Be Lenka baby-carriers are made from a baby wrap cloth" ?

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Be Lenka baby-carriers are made from baby-wrap-cloth. Wrap cloth is a fantastic material, highly functional yet soft, pleasant to touch and very versatile. It is the best material for babies’ sensitive skin. Our baby-carriers combines the advantages of wraps and ergonomic carriers into one, which leads to the satisfaction of both the mummy and the baby. 

Do you offer custom-made products ?

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Unfortunately, we do not provide such service. In specific cases, you can send us an inquiry via e-mail

Babywearing in summer - Which baby carriers & wraps are best suited for warm weather?

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All our baby carriers and baby wraps are made with 100% Premium cotton which is naturally breathable and hence they are suitable for babywearing throughout the year. However, we also have Summer version of Be Lenka baby carriers which provide better ventilation, resulting in cool and dry skin even after wearing them for hours.

Apart from being ergonomic like our entire baby-carrier range, they are made with a soft mesh fabric which makes it light, airy and supremely comfortable for you and your little one. 

You can also use summer version baby carriers during winter as far as you have appropriate clothing over the carrier, like a babywearing sweater or a softshell jacket.

Can I babywear when it is cold outside?

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Yes, you absolutely can, just make sure that you are wearing appropriate babywearing attire for cold weather, like Be Lenka babywearing hoodies, sweaters or softshell jackets along with baby carrier/baby wrap protect you and your baby. We have a wide range of babywearing clothes on offer on our website, you can check them here: