How to take care of babywraps containing merino wool?

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How to take care of babywraps containing merino wool?

Merino wool baby-wraps

Baby wraps made by Merino wool are perfect for all weather babywearing


The term “merino” may sound exotic to some but it simply is a type of wool. Merino is one of the most commonly used materials for making baby-wraps. It may seem suitable only for cooler months but don’t be misguided by the term wool, as it can be worn throughout all the seasons. However, if you wish to use the merino baby-wrap during hot summers, you can choose a thinner one (with lower material-weight capacity). Merino wool has some unique and amazing features, so let’s take a closer at them.


Merino baby-wrap features

Merino wool is finer and softer as compared to the standard wool. Wool is an anti-allergic fabric, and specifically Merino wool is even more suitable for people with very sensitive skin. Thanks to its ability to regulate the temperature, merino wool will warm the baby as well as the wearer during cold winters. Furthermore, it can effectively draw the moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin in warm weather and helps to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature.


The main material used to make baby-wraps is generally organic cotton with wool or merino wool as an addition. Brand new woolen wraps are soft and they become even softer after wearing them for a while. In general woolen wraps have a greater weight-bearing capacity, therefore they can be used throughout the entire babywearing period. (Always check the material-weight capacity first).


How to wash a baby-wrap containing merino wool

Woolen wraps need extra care and attention, they must be hand-washed in 30°C water and using a liquid detergent made for washing woolen fabrics (without bleach). Do not use fabric softener (it is not suitable for any baby-wrap, including the woolen one). After washing, manually squeeze out excess water from your woolen wrap. Be gentle. Spread your woolen wrap and let it dry, never use a dryer. There is one exception when it comes to washing a woolen wrap – if your wrap contains something called as “superwash merino”, it can be washed in the washing machine and hence it is a bit easier to take care of.


How to iron a woolen-wrap

Baby-wraps, in general, do not need to be washed very often, only when necessary. The same applies to ironing. It is not necessary or advisable to iron woolen wraps, they are ready to be worn as soon as they are completely dry. However, in some cases, manufacturers may suggest otherwise, so check the instructions label first.

Regarding the ability to absorbing moisture, there is another material similar to wool – Tencel (Lyocell). This material can absorb up to 50% of moisture without becoming significantly wet. More about Tencel-wraps and baby-carriers can be found here.


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