Barefoot long boots Be Lenka Charlotte - Black

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If you are on a search for perfect barefoot boots, that will protect your legs up to your knees, you've come to the right place. Knee-high boots Be Lenka Charlotte in Black, made from high-quality leather, will not only keep your feet warm but also have a sole with an improved grip. Comfort and elegance every step of the way.

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Barefoot footwear attributes

Zero Drop Zero Drop
Wide Toe Box Wide Toe Box
Light weight Light weight
Flexible sole Flexible sole

Customer Reviews

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4.69 of 5 stars


Allison Steedman Verified customer

I love my Charlotte boots. Having wide feet and a high instep makes finding boots difficult for me. Add to that Morton's neuromas and it's actually a nightmare because no matter how wide, lack of volume putsa lot of pressure on the forefoot. The Charlotte is lovely and wide with a medium / high instep which I stretched slightly using a leather stretching spray. They now fit me beautifully and will be well worn through the winter.



Lina Verified customer

So beautiful but unfortunately too low for toe area, need higher boot "nose", it's a shame all of the boots seem to have the same trait


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Every feedback from a customer pushes us further and motivates us to improve. First of all, we would like to sincerely apologise that the shoes from Be Lenka you received did not meet your expectations. Our aim is to continually improve our barefoot shoes and your feedback is invaluable in helping us to do this. If you have a problem with your Be Lenka shoes, please contact our customer service Sincerely The Be Lenka Team



Do Verified customer

A lovely boot. But I would prefer a leather lining instead of a sweaters synthetic fleece lining. I don’t like the back; I prefer the elastic on the side like the Sierra model. With those two charges I would buy them in any color! Beautiful leather.


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Hello, thank you for your feedback. Be Lenka model Charlotte is designed for autumn and winter. The lining of the Be Lenka boots in the Chalotte model is made of fleece, which keeps your feet warm on colder days. The elasticated elastic band adapts to the calf. The zipper on the side of the boots makes it easy to put on. Sincerely Be Lenka Team



Eve Munoz Verified customer

LOVE THESE! I am super pleased with the toe space! True to my size "regular" size of 7.5 which is 24.5cm (foot length 23.5). Coming from Lems shoes, I have found Be Lenka to have the same width and comfort! I am not too used to having a 4mm sole but they provide true flexibility! I think people with big calves may find the shaft a bit too secure, I personally found the fit to be very comforting. I would love to see these in more colors!


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Thank you for your feedback.



Kimberly Slater Verified customer

Beautiful boots, absolutely zero drop, and the leather is wonderful! I have larger calves than the sizing chart recommends for my shoe size, but the stretch fabric on the back easily allowed for me to zip them up. If made in navy, or other colors, I will definitely purchase! Thankyou Belenka for my new favorite boots!


Be Lenka logo

Be Lenka

Thanks for your feedback.


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Description & Specifications

Upper: Leather (Nappa)
Lining: Fleece
Insole: Removable (Recycled PU + Fleece)
Sole: ErgoGrip (Rubber)
Made in the Czech Republic

  • Our barefoot shoes perfectly mimic the feeling of walking barefoot, just as nature intended
  • New flexible sole with improved grip for greater stability
  • Zipper on the inside of the boots for easy on/off
  • The elastic band at the back of the boots adapts to different calf sizes
  • The specially designed pleated side panel can stretch to increase the opening circumference by 15-20%
  • The spacious toe box ensures natural and unrestrained movement of the toes
  • Our contoured ErgoGrip sole is specially designed for challenging winters

Barefoot footwear attributes:

  • Wide foot-shaped toe box
  • Ultra-flexible sole
  • Zero drop (flat from heel to toe) supporting correct body posture
  • Lightweight

Type: Walking shoes

Size chart

Size Width Length Shaft Circumference
36 9,5 23,1 34
37 9,7 23,7 34,7
38 9,9 24,4 35,3
39 10,1 25,1 36
40 10,3 25,7 36,7
41 10,5 26,4 37,3
42 10,6 27,1 37,9
43 10,8 27,7 38,5

The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

When choosing the size of shoes, it is necessary to consider other aspects in addition to the shoe size chart (foot physiology - shape, toe width, instep, and others) that can have an impact on how the shoe will fit your foot.

How to measure your foot correctly?

  • Place a blank A4-sized paper on a flat, smooth and even surface.
  • Step onto the paper with all your weight on the leg.
  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the heel and the farthest point from the heel (beware, it may not always be the big toe)
  • Measure the distance between these two points on feet with a ruler (the difference can be ± 0.5 cm)
  • The number obtained is the length of the foot
  • Add an extra 0.5-1.2 cm (ideal leeway) to the length of the foot, and you will get the ideal size of your shoe.
  • Find your shoe size per the above measurements by referring to the size chart for each product on our website.
  • The size chart indicates the inner length and width of our barefoot shoes in centimetres.

Important note

  • Our size charts may not correlate with other brands. Hence we recommend following the above steps to determine your correct Be Lenka barefoot shoe size.

How to choose correct size of barefoot shoes?


How to clean & waterproof leather barefoot boots

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