Health benefits of Be Lenka barefoot shoes

Health benefits of Be Lenka barefoot shoes | Be Lenka Health benefits of Be Lenka barefoot shoes | Be Lenka

Do you know how conventional shoes can affect your health? Prolonged use of such shoes can cause many ailments, from foot fatigue, toe deformities, back pain, to headaches, to name a few.

We are not saying you should completely give up using regular shoes. However, it is good not to use them too often; instead choose, Be Lenka barefoot shoes for your everyday use as they mimic the most natural state of our foot - being barefoot.

Be Lenka barefoot shoes are very different from the traditional form of footwear

Here are 4 key features:

  • They have flexible and ultra-thin soles, which allow your feet to move and flex naturally.
  • They have a wide toe box, i.e. the wide front part of the shoe enables the toes to wiggle freely and does not squash them as the traditional shoes do, hence guaranteeing comfort even during all-day use.
  • They have "Zero Drop", which means there is no difference in height from heel to toe. There are many benefits of zero drop shoes, such as improved ankle mobility, better balance and posture.
  • The lightweight construction prevents foot fatigue even after all-day use, and the archless design strengthens the foot.
ohybná barefoot podrážka

The simplest of foot movement can have an impact on other joints in the body.
If we do not pay enough attention to the choice of shoes and torture our feet in small, tight and uncomfortable shoes, it will naturally reflect elsewhere. Prolonged overloading of the feet in incorrect and poor quality footwear can also lead to arthritis and knee pain. You can read more about how shoes affect our health in an article that we dedicated specifically to this topic on our blog.

Can regular shoes cause back pain?

It might sound incredible, but yes, conventional shoes can cause back pain. Legs and feet play an essential role in providing balance and smooth movement. Feet set the direction, and the body follows. When one joint moves, it affects other joints; this is called a kinetic chain. Therefore even a tiny movement of our feet has an impact on other joints. As we go along living our lives, we do not realise the effect poor footwear has on our body until we experience foot pain thanks to narrow, rigid and sometimes high-heeled shoes. However, the other minor damages still go unnoticed until other ailments like back pain, knee pain set in.

Here are the health benefits of Be Lenka barefoot footwear

  • Strengthened foot muscles and healthy legs
  • Prevents foot fatigue
  • Helps eliminate pain
  • Mental well-being and joy
  • Enhanced sensory feedback from feet
  • Improved balance & posture

If you prefer a 100% European brand that treats its employees & the environment ethically and makes stylish barefoot shoes that are good for your health: you can check all Be Lenka barefoot shoes here