Barefoot Shoes Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 - Dark Blue

  • Water Resistance: High
  • -20%
$ 189 Excl. Tax $ 151.20 Excl. Tax

Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 is a new and improved version of our popular autumn/winter barefoot boots. Handcrafted with premium oiled nubuck leather & rubber skirting around the toe-box and the heel for strength and durability needed for trail walks, easy hikes and even urban wear. Continue enjoying barefoot freedom in style throughout the cold season with Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 boots on your feet.

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Barefoot footwear attributes

Zero Drop Zero Drop
Wide Toe Box Wide Toe Box
Light weight Light weight
Flexible sole Flexible sole

Customer Reviews

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4.88 of 5 stars


Rowena Verified customer

I've been wearing these for about three months now and I am delighted that I have finally found a pair of barefoot hiking boots that work for me. They're well made, they look great, and they are properly waterproof - even walking through 2cm puddles my feet remained completely dry, which is a first for me in anything other than wellies. The quality is also excellent. I have previously owned a pair of Vivo Trackers which cost significantly more and started falling to pieces after about 6 weeks. These by contrast look as good as new after 3 months of daily wear. The only downside is that I took the recommendation to size up as I would normally wear a 39. The 40 is definitely too big for me so I have to wear thick socks and an insole which is fine in winter but may be too warm for summer hiking.



Jon B Verified customer

This is my first shoe from Belanka; I picked them after being undecided over between Lems and Xero for boots in (somewhat) similar style.

I picked these due to the looks, overall construction, and after seeing the brand (not this model) doing well in a winter barefoot shoe roundup on YouTube. I wanted something to replace my Merrell Moab's (and off brand water proof look-a-like) so I could continue wearing barefoot shoes in Fall/Winter; I don't mind wearing socks but plan to limit my sock usage until the much colder months if possible.

Using the size chart for this shoe it became clear that ideally I would be a 45.5; I need the width of the 46 but the length of the 45 would fit me well without socks (other than using the size chart as directed I also took the insoles out of my Lems and placed them on the chart as an additional touchpoint to try and avoid any return scenario).

Shipping to the USA was about 1 week.

The Ranger 2.0 is roomy and fits great with or without socks; its got more height in the toe box than I'm used to which gives it the impression of being too big when worn without socks but after putting socks on this feeling goes away (I assume this feeling is just due to me not having barefoot "boots" before).

I think there may be one point of the shoe that rubs against the top of my foot (when looking down at the shoes the upper left eyelet area) but this could just be to me stretching my feet and getting used to the toebox width/height; I'll need to wear them more to know for sure.

The look and feel is great though I do find myself wishing they offered a cork insole option; I like the felt(?) this comes with but enjoy cork more without socks (I understand it would be less warm but would still like to be able to switch them out).

Of my other barefoot shoes this is also the one with the lowest stack height; it feels great to walk in the grass but I'll need to work up to/be careful with city walking until I get used to the lower stack height.

Overall I'm very pleased and will consider buying from this brand again; I find that I'm more drawn to their boots however and as I plan to use the Ranger 2.0's a long time may not be back for another purchase any time soon.



Viacheslav Zakhvatov Verified customer

i like the boots,
but there is a negative point.
the vertical axis of finger space is too low, which doesnt allow to wear those with extra socks, in case of cold weather.

i got 2 other belenkas, and each of them has more vertical finger space, so these boots are actually oultiers.



KAREN Verified customer

I wore these through the snow on the first day I had them. My feet were warm, I didn't slide on the ice and toes had all the space they needed. I love wearing these, not to mention how great they look on.



Leanne Verified customer

The Rangers are a great boot. They seem stiff but have already broken in a lot. They keep my feet nice and dry and have good traction. Great price!


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Description & Specifications


Upper: Oiled Nubuck leather
Lining: Fleece, water-resistant membrane
Sole (DeepGrip): Rubber
Insole (Removeable): Fleece & recycled PU

  • Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 are stylish, water-resistant, high-tech barefoot boots, perfectly suitable for cold weather, easy hikes, trail walks, or even urban wear.
  • Flexible, 4mm (without lugs) abrasion-resistant rubber sole provides excellent grip and stability in all conditions.
  • The DeepGrip sole designed for better stability on various surfaces.
  • Premium quality oiled nubuck prevents water stains, and the warmth retaining fleece lining provides excellent insulation.
  • The specially designed protective membrane and a gusseted tongue give the shoe water-resistant capabilities.
  • Anti-slip sole with DeepGrip provides excellent stability and traction.
  • Rubber skirting around the toe-box and the heel provides extra protection.

Barefoot footwear attributes:

  • Wide foot-shaped toe box
  • Ultra-flexible sole
  • Zero drop (flat from heel to toe)
  • Lightweight

Type: Walking shoes

Size chart

Size Width Length
36 8,623,3
378,8 23,9
44 10,128,6
4510,3 29,3

The size chart indicates the inner length and width of the shoes in centimetres.

When choosing the size of shoes, it is necessary to consider other aspects in addition to the shoe size chart (foot physiology - shape, toe width, instep, and others) that can have an impact on how the shoe will fit your foot.

How to measure your foot correctly?

  • Place a blank A4-sized paper on a flat, smooth and even surface.
  • Step onto the paper with all your weight on the leg.
  • Use a pen/pencil to mark the heel and the farthest point from the heel (beware, it may not always be the big toe)
  • Measure the distance between these two points on feet with a ruler (the difference can be ± 0.5 cm)
  • The number obtained is the length of the foot
  • Add an extra 0.5-1.2 cm (ideal leeway) to the length of the foot, and you will get the ideal size of your shoe.
  • Find your shoe size per the above measurements by referring to the size chart for each product on our website.
  • The size chart indicates the inner length and width of our barefoot shoes in centimetres.

Important note

  • Our size charts may not correlate with other brands. Hence we recommend following the above steps to determine your correct Be Lenka barefoot shoe size.

How to choose correct size of barefoot shoes?


How to clean & waterproof leather barefoot boots

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Barefoot Shoes Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 - Dark Blue Barefoot Shoes Be Lenka Ranger 2.0 - Dark Blue
  • Water Resistance: High
  • -20%

Barefoot Shoes
Ranger 2.0 - Dark Blue

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