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Baby Wrap - Lenka Triangle - Black and White

Babywearing wrap with a beautiful contemporary pattern, suitable for wearing infants from birth until the end of the babywearing period.

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Brand: Be Lenka
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Category: Baby Wraps
Warranty: 2 years
Colour: Black, White
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Pattern: Triangle
Surface weight: 325 g/m2

Lenka Triangle Black and White Baby wrap

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Enchanting baby wrap with original Triangle pattern. Apart from being extremely comfortable and skin friendly, this wrap is very stylish and suitable for baby boys and also for baby girls.

Be Lenka baby wraps are made from 100% Organic cotton and are suitable from birth until the end of the babywearing period.


  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Surface weight (post wash): 325 g/m2
  • Colour: Black and White
  • Pattern: Triangle

Size selection guide

Choose the length of the wrap according to your ready-made dress/blouse size (European measures):

4,2m: dress/blouse size 34-36

4,6m: dress/blouse size  38 - 42

5.2m: dress/blouse size 44 or more