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Barefoot for adults

Few things are as natural to the human body as walking barefoot. These days, however, we can hardly imagine throwing away our shoes and walking around the town barefoot. There are dangers everywhere in the form of broken glass, sharp stones and just dirt in general. Luckily, we can indulge in barefoot walking by wearing barefoot shoes and protect our feet from external influences.

Walking barefoot

Barefoot enthusiasts are growing like mushrooms after the rain. More and more people are falling for the barefoot phenomenon and can’t get enough of the health benefits that this type of footwear brings. We’ve summed up the top reasons to go barefoot for you here. Let’s take a look at a few interesting ways in which barefoot shoes and going really barefoot differ from walking in classic shoes.

Physiotherapist Clara Lewis, a barefoot enthusiast, has been walking barefoot for many years. She dares to say that by changing from traditional footwear to barefoot, a person can get rid of several health problems. For example, she compares the behaviour of the foot in shoes with moulded insoles and in barefoot shoes without insoles. She points out that a foot supported by a moulded insole behaves like a passive object. The arch is artificially supported, so the foot doesn’t have to “do anything”. The muscles thus become lazy and flaccid, when the foot arch looses it’s “crutch” it tends to fall. Because of the artificial support, the tendons and ligaments weaken because they are not stimulated and exercised, and so when the support is removed they are not strong enough to support the arch. Walking barefoot or in barefoot shoes can also resolve this problem. While walking barefoot, the foot is activated, tendons, ligaments and muscles are strengthened, the foot can perceive the terrain better, the nervous system is stimulated and the body’s response to changes in the terrain is accelerated. Not only does barefoot walking improve our physical fitness, it also improves out coordination and balance.

If we are in a safe environment where we can ditch our footwear, it’s a good idea to actually walk around barefoot. An interesting argument for why barefoot walking is so beneficial is the so-called grounding effect. A study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health talks about this. The study discusses the fact that when we walk barefoot, we take in negatively charged electrons from the ground into the skin of our feet, which provide the body with antioxidants and destroy dangerous free radicals. The study claims that through this process of “grounding” we can improve our heath, cure chronic degenerative diseases, reduce stress, reduce inflammation, resolve sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, and much more. Regular barefoot walking improves blood sugar levels, helps with regulation of the hormone cortisol (responsible for stress), adjusts hormonal balance and also reduces blood viscosity. An interesting fact is that the above mentioned “grounding” is said to be a part of the equation for a person’s overall health, in addition to water, sun, proper nutrition and physical activity. Interesting thought, definitely worth checking out.

Wide selection of men and women

As the demand for barefoot shoes is growing, so is the supply of barefootshoes on our market. The choice is now so wide that there is something for everyone and every occasion. For casual wear, for sports, hiking, even for social events such as weddings.

Be Lenka for women

Be Lenka offers a really wide selection of women’s barefoot shoes. In the women’s footwear portfolio you will find collections for every season and occasion. There are high and low boots for winter, elegant women’s boots, minimalist or cool unisex models. Fleece-insulated shoes for milder weather or merino for the colder winter which is also suitable for ladies that are more prone to the cold. For spring and autumn we have sneaker models for ladies, barefoot models for light hiking, moccasin models or ballerina flat shoes. For warm summer weather there are several types of sandals to choose from. Whichever collection you choose, they all have one thing in common – they are handmade, in the heart of Europe and from premium materials. In addition, the women’s ballerina flats take into consideration the unique anatomy of the female foot, making them really special.

You can find the entire portfolio of Be Lenka women’s shoes here.

Be Lenka for men

In the Be Lenka offer, gentlemen will also find shoes suited for them. Their feet will be stylish in any weather. They can choose from sneakers, loafers, trekking boots or durable winter models. All shoes are sewn from premium materials. The leather models are hand-stitched from the highest quality leather. Our lovers of all living things weren’t forgotten either as vegan shoe models can also be found in our offer.

You can find the entire Be Lenka men’s footwear portfolio here.

The brand Barebarics

The Barebarics brand offers such unique vegan sneakers that you’ll want to have them all. Their shape perfectly follows the natural shape of the foot and prevents them from looking worn out. The wide toe space in the front doesn’t cramp the toes but gives them enough freedom to move naturally. Zero-drop is a sure thing. The thin and flexible sole ensures perfect contact with the ground and, therefore, imitates the sensations of walking barefoot. In addition, the shoes are extra light so they are extremely comfortable to wear and after a while you may even forget that you have anything on your feet at all. Only the admiring glances of people passing by will remind you that you are actually wearing shoes.

Wake your feet up from hibernation and give them back their true purpose by putting on barefoot shoes. When you have the chance, walk around barefoot on the grass and tickle your senses. Your whole body and mind will thank you for this treatment.

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