Face mask - red hearts - 4 pcs

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Face masks - for adults (4 pcs). Face masks are made from 100% cotton canvas and provide protection against the entry of bacteria and viruses.    

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Description & Specifications

Material: 100% Cotton - cotton canvas, rubber band

Wash and iron before first use. Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on the mask. Put the drape on your face so that it covers your mouth, nose and chin. Pull the rubber bands over your ears. Do not touch the drape while wearing it, wash your hands after touching.
Always wear the mask when in contact with people.

After use, remove the mask carefully using the elastic bands, without touching your face or the front part of the mask, or remove the mask with sterile gloves. Wash your hands again thoroughly with soap and use hand sanitizer to minimize the risk of bacterial and viral transmission. The mask can be reused after washing and ironing.


This product is not a medical device and it does not provide 100% protection against viruses and bacteria. Masks are effective at capturing aerosol water droplets, which is the main transmission route of certain viruses and bacteria and most certainly offer a higher degree of protection as compared to not wearing the mask.

Care instructions

Wash at 60 ° Celsius using commercially available detergents. After air-drying, iron the fabric with iron at up to 200° Celsius to disinfect thoroughly.

Declaration of Conformity

The mask fabric complies with the safety standard of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and has been tested for harmful substances.


Store the unused, store packed masks in a dry area at 10-25 ° Celcius.

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